Nastia Korkia
A slice of life depicting the days of an elderly primary school literature teacher Tamara, days in which nothing extraordinary ever seems to happen.
Almost spring
A short film, 14 min
Shot on 16mm, 2021.
Early spring. Russian presidential elections. Schools across the country are being used as polling stations and Tamara, an elderly primary school literature teacher, like most teachers in Russia, finds herself working the polls.

This is the story of a person who is held hostage by circumstances and can do nothing to break the vicious circle of life.

Director's Statement
No: close-ups, manipulation via music, and pointless camera movement. I strove to make "Almost Spring" using as few expressive means as possible, and in a way that is detached, dry, concise, and intentionally lengthy — as much as short film format allows for this.

I sought to explore the lack of choice people face on a daily basis and the sense of oppression and confinement that results from it.

This film was made before the start of the full-scale invasion in Ukraine and it shows how deep the problem is and how tragic it is that people do not know how to stand up for their rights and only wait for spring to come and for things to change, but they do nothing and go around in circles.

Kinotavr, Special Mention (Russia) World Premiere
Message to Man, Best Short film (Russia)
New Holland Film Festival (Russia)
Directors Notes (United States)

Written and directed by
Nastia Korkia

Director of Photography
Evgeny Rodin

Production Designer
Nikita Evglevski

Produced by
Keto Khursevich and Nastia Korkia

Liubov Firsova

Sound Design
Andrey Dergachev

Sound Edit
Zakhar Semerkhanov

Costume Designer
Maria Frolova

Key Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist
Lana Kaun

Additional Hair & Makeup
Daria Tikhonova

Tatiana Vikhreva

Maria Zhelondievskaya
Sergey Kondryakov

Anton Zverev

Casting Directors
Vladimir Golov
Aleksey Yarygin

Casting Assistant
Kristina Zobnina