Nastia Korkia
GES-2, 78 min
A Documentary film, 78 min
Russia, Italy, 2021.
78th Venice Film Festival. Official Selection. Special Screening.

Art is in the eyes of the beholder. A non-exhaustive story of reconstruction of GES-2 in a non-chronological order, in Nine Chapters, Three Appendices and One Karaoke.

V–A–C Foundation (the owner - Russian oligarch, one of the richest men in Russia, according to Forbes in 2021, Leonid Mikhelson) acquired the 20,000 sq. m former power plant, GES-2 in the center of Moscow right in front of the Kremlin, tasking the Renzo Piano Building Workshop with its transformation into a cultural institution.

Over the five years, the cameras followed the construction works along with the cultural initiatives of the Foundation. An unconventional non-chronological documentary film that follows the reconstruction process of the former power plant GES-2 into a new cultural institution. An attempt to question the essence of contemporary art and art in itself.

78th Venice Film Festival, 2021 (Italy) World Premiere
Kasseler Doc (Germany)
True/False Film Fest (United States)
L´Alternativa Barcelona FF (Spain)
BARQ (Spain)
Kerala IDFF (India)
Rotterdam Architecture FF, Audience Award (Netherlands)
Architecture & Design FF NYC (United States)
Afragola FF (Italy)
AD FF Toronto (Canada)
AD FF Vancouver (Canada)
Cinema Verite Iran (Iran)
Beat Film Festival (Russia)
Flahertiana FF (Russia)

Director Nastia Korkia
Cinematographers Sergey Amirdzhanov, Ruslan Fedotow, Evgeny Rodin, Mikhail Khursevich, Sasha Kulak, Kirill Sinkov, Dmitry Gerasimuk
Edit Tatiana Vikhreva, Nastia Korkia
Additional Editing Zurkas Tepla
Sound Mix Andrey Dergachev
Sound Edit Zakhar Semirkhanov

Producer Nastia Korkia
Colour Ruslan Fedotow