Nastia Korkia
A cinematic essay on the nightmares and aspirations shaping the unconscious in times of war.
Dreams about Putin, 30 min
After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 many people started to dream about Putin. And they shared these dreams in the media. Over 1000 dreams about Putin are documented. This film is an attempt to reflect on the theme of repression through a combination of found footage and 3D game animation made in Unreal Engine in order to portray the authentic dreams of those affected by the war and explore the theme of the collective unconscious in society.

Directors' Statement
Unspoken words and repressed emotions come to people in the form of dreams at night.

We wanted to collide the absurdity of real life found footage of Putin and nightmarish reality of documented dreams in this short film in order to be able to destroy the fear of Putin at least in an artistic way.

IDFA 2023 (Netherlands) World Premiere
Berlin Critics Week 2024 (Germany)
FIPA DOC 2024 (France)
True/False Film Festival 2024 (United States)
Millenium Film Festival 2024 (Belgium)
Chiayi Art Doc Film Festival (Taiwan)

Directors Nastia Korkia, Vlad Fishez
Sound Mix Andrey Dergachev
Edit Nastia Korkia, Vlad Fishez
3D Artist Vlad Fishez
Producers Nastia Korkia, DocNomads
Colour Max Golomidov

DocNomads Masters Graduation film

Mareike Wegener
Annabel Verbeke
Frederik Nicolai

Gert Van Berckelaer
Lionel Dutrieux
Aurelien Lebourg
Virgile Jans